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Wind Foiling Board - The Wind Wing Board

Check out our range of Wind Foiling Boards the Cloud 9 Wind Wing Board scales from the 5', 60 ltr through to the 5'4, 105 ltr, which are perfect all-rounders for all styles of wind foiling or wing foiling.

Design And Shape:

Australian Made, Hawaiian designed by Blain Chambers. This Wing Board over-delivers in every aspect, easy pop-up and its epoxy built, so buoyancy is very high, whilst still lightweight but strong enough to take on even the biggest of jumps.

Deck And Straps:

Creatures deck grips included and strap inserts to suit a natural and/or goofy stance make our range of Wind Wing Boards perfect for beginners to experienced riders.

Works with:

Our Wind Foiling Boards and the Cloud 9 Wind Wings work with our full range of hydrofoil setups. Get the most out of this board with the original Wind Wing or the New Wind Wings V3 and with all our Aluminium and Carbon mast both with our F-Series Carbon Wing setup.

Make sure to check out all our complete kits pages to choose the appropriate wing and mast for your new board and enjoy wing foiling with a Cloud 9 Setup!

Size Guide:

  • 5'0 / 65 ltr
  • 5'2 / 90ltr
  • 5'4 / 105ltr




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