Cloud 9 Surf Foils Australia

Aluminium Surf Foil Kit Mast & Wings


In Classic Cloud 9 Surf Foils style, our Aluminium Surf Foil Kit is not only beautiful, but they are also completely compatible with our F-Series wings. The Hydrofoils allow you to enter the water on the best surf foils around, for a fraction of the price!

Designed in the USA and Custom Made right here in Australia - Cloud 9 Surf Foils reflect the best in quality, engineering and style. 

Our Aluminium Hydrofoil can be used in any condition, from shredding on small & medium wave foiling to cruising on flat water with a paddle or utilising our winged wing to enhance any water condition!

When you're wanting the very best on the water, along with premium quality and durability, you can't go past Cloud 9 Surf Foils' Aluminium Surf Foil Kit!

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