Cloud 9 Surf Foils Australia

Epoxy Carbon Prone Foil Board


Cloud 9 Prone Foil Board by Blane Chambers

This Epoxy Carbon Prone Foil Board is specifically shaped and designed inside and out to precisely meet the exact requirements of Surf Foiling.

The Cloud 9 foil board is handcrafted in Australia by Blane Chambers, one of the leading manufacturing companies on the Gold Coast. The carbon foil board is not only light but super strong and resilient.

All are fitted with strap inserts if you want to take your game to the air. 

Made to the highest quality and designed for performance and handling, the Cloud 9 difference is clear!

Level up hours of experience when you combine your Epoxy Carbon Prone Hydrofoil Board with either one of our carbon or aluminium foiling kits that feature our renowned carbon wings and superior wind wings.

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