Cloud 9 Surf Foils Australia

Catalyst Tail Wing


The Catalyst is a high modular carbon one-piece tail wing. It has been designed with the intention to reduce drag and increase carry and glide. 

While this design initially started with the intention for downwind foiling, we quickly realised it improved all aspects of every style of foiling: surf foiling, wind wing, pump foiling, prone foiling and, of course, down wind foiling. 

The differences you'll feel:

  • The lift is a little more progressive on takeoff and once on foil, the Glide/Carry really comes into play, with increased speed it will feel like you've just moved your foil into overdrive.
  • Stability is increased with the wider tips while maintaining its maneuverability 
  • The Catalyst has transformed all of our current Front Wings. We have tested it on all sizes and it's given a new dimension to each size. For example, the FS700 now pumps like an FS850 while keeping the agility of the FS700. 


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