Cloud 9 Surf Foils Australia

Complete Aluminium Foil Mast & Carbon Wing Kit


The Complete Cloud 9 Aluminium Foil Mast & Carbon Wing Kit

  • Aluminium Mast Fuselage
  • Carbon Wing
  • Stainless Steel Fittings
  • Wing Covers
  • Carry Case as Pictured

Our Aluminium Foil Mast & Carbon Wing Kit is a great entry-level set up to purchase. You get the performance-designed Foil & Carbon Wing Kit setup with Aluminium Mast, stainless steel fittings and F-Series Carbon Wing. We also include the wing covers and a Cloud 9 carry case to make your foiling system easy to move and quick to pack up.

The complete Aluminium Foil Mast & Carbon Wing Kit is our best all-rounder package for the rider that wants top performance without the premium costs.

Designed in the USA and Custom Made in Australia - Cloud 9 Surf Foils reflect the best in quality, engineering and style.

Our Aluminium Foil & Carbon Wing Hydrofoil Set can be used in any condition. From shredding on small waves, mediumwave Hydrofoiling, to cruising on flat water with a paddle or utilising our Wind Wing V3 to Wing Foil to enhance any water condition!

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