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Full Carbon Masts for Hydrofoils


Full Carbon Masts for Hydrofoils & Surf Foiling 

Cloud 9 Surf Foils Full Carbon Masts range. They are built for high-level performance, optimal speed, and superior strength.

All our carbon masts come in 3 sizes to enjoy any level of foiling, hydrofoiling, surf foiling or wing foiling.

  • 24" 61cm. The 24" carbon mast is great for anyone who loves to jump, prefers shallow conditions and is perfect for young kids and learners.
  • 26" 66cm. The 26" carbon mast is just that little bit longer and is a great allrounder that works for every discipline.
  • 30" 76cm. The 30" carbon mast provides you with extra length to deal with the chop or to take a big drop. Or you might just want to sit nice and high in the ocean!

After you choose from one of our full carbon masts, make sure you equip it with an F-Series Carbon Wing to suit your style of foiling!

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