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Stiffer, lighter, stronger and more responsive.

The SLE Ho’okipa Advantage

Ho’okipa is a composite material designed by Challenge Sailcloth which is 25% lighter and x10 stronger than traditional materials currently used in the wing market today.
By replacing the use of Dacron to our leading edge and strut with Ho’okipa we have now created a wing that is stiffer, lighter, stronger and more responsive. The weight reduction can be felt instantly making the wing highly responsive. This improves control and allows for a broader use in a wider range of wind conditions, giving the rider a huge advantage in performance.

Another benefit of using Ho’okipa is being able to inflate your wing to a significantly higher pressure, delivering more control making the wing extremely rigid. The stiffer wing frame offers a quicker response to the power delivery unlike Dacron which absorbs energy through flex. This gives it more power when compared to a wing of similar size allowing you to ride a smaller wing in the same conditions.

HOOKIPA – the lightest and strongest fabric in the market to date.
– 15 times stronger than steel
– 2 times lighter than carbon
– Waterproof .. and it floats

SLE Hard handles from CloudIX

The SLE has longer hard handles as seen in yellow. The handles are carbon covered in webbing to give you a more comfortable ride and power options without having to take your hands on and off to adjust.
There is also a long soft handle in between the two hard handles, an option for one handed freestyle flying options.

Another advantage of the SLE is a wider wind range from 8 – 16+ knots. A stiff and very light canopy provide ajn ease of handling which is perfect for all wind conditions. You’ll need less wings to cover all wind conditions.

The goal of the v3 SLE was to rethink the rigidity and the weight of the wing.

  • Changing material while keeping the feeling and flying characteristics of the v3
  • Hookipa – ULTRA PE 200 offer an excellent replacement of the high quality standard Dacron DP175 from Germany.
    • Its 25% lighter compare to Dacron / 119gr/sqm vs 160gr/sqm
    • Stronger material which means that it can handle higher pressure
    • The hydrophobic characteristic are better so less weight when its wet
    • Its highly resistant to UV, Cut, Tear and Abrasion.
  • We had to rethink the design of the v3 to allow the material to work properly on the SLE and maximize the gain of weight and rigidity.
  • The handles have changed to a semi rigid composite handles – this handles are the best of both world – Soft and rigid handle. The feeling is really direct due to the carbon rod inside the handle but keep some sideway movement to keep the comfort of the soft handles.

The result is an amazing new beast. Lighter, Stronger and more reactive – we are really excited about this new product.


  • Wind Wing V3
  • Backpack 
  • Spectra Cord Bungee Wrist Leash
  • Patch & Repair Kit

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